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Silver Needle Tea
Yinzhen literally means "Silver Needle" in Chinese and is the Dom Perignon of white teas. Supreme Yinzhen silver needle tea is the rarest of all white teas, finest grade and the most superior of all teas. This scrumptious all bud white tea from the world renowned Fujian province in central China is obviously a cut above. It is lower in caffeine than other teas too. The pure clean character and woody tone stands out with a lingering, smooth finish makes this quite memorable. This delicate tea is delicous and refreshing without sugar and truly invigorating. Brew 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons Per Cup in water temporature of 180 degrees F 3 - 4 minutes.

The Organic Bai Hoa organic silver needle tea looks and taste similar to the Yinzhen silver needle tea, but has no pesticides. This organic Bai Hao silver needle tea with a white downy appearance comes from the province of Hunan. White tipped Silver Needle is one of the most well known white teas, and is picked during the spring before the buds open to preserve its tenderness. Exquisite and delicate, the tea produces a pale yellow brew and has a fresh, sweet fragrance with traces of citrus. This tea has high concentrations of polyphenols (antioxidants that help fight against cancer-causing radicals and heart disease). An excellent alternative to many green teas.

This particular organic Chinese silver needle tea holds a very graceful form. The leaves are even, strong, straight, and full with fine white hairs. The Bai Hao Yin Zhen is only made with buds, which are harvested from the Fuding Da Bai Hao and the Zheng He Da Bai Hao trees. The liquor holds a light apricot color and the taste is fresh and delicate with a pleasent high fragrance. This tea is a very good daily tea. It is also recommended as an efficacious remedy for the hives.

The photo here certainly says it all about the quality of this exquisite and delicate mild tasting tea!
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