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Premium & Organic Tea Bags

Green Tea Bags White Peony Tea Bags Jasmine Green Tea Bags

Island Tea is now a distributor for the Prince of Peace line of Premium & Organic Tea Bags. Although we primarily sell loose leaf tea, we are now providing these quality tea bags for our customers convenience and to satisfy their request. These tea bags come in green, jasmine, white Peony and black tea as premium quality or organic tea bags at affordable prices in boxes of 100 bags. Each tea bag is individually wrapped for quality and freshness. All organic tea bags are USDA certified. At the bottom of this page you may purchase and read about the wonderful and amazing Wuyi Wulong Oolong Weight loss tea bags endorsed by Oprah and Rachel Ray!

Instructions: Steep one tea bag in one cup of hot water for 3-4 minutes.
For best results, drink 5 cups daily.

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 100 Tea Bags 
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 500 Tea Bags 
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Premium Black Tea Bags  $5.99
Premium Green Tea Bags  $5.99
Organic Green Tea Bags  $9.99
Premium Jasmine Green Tea Bags  $5.99
Organic Jasmine Green Tea Bags  $9.99
Premium White Peony Tea Bags  $9.99
Organic White Peony Tea Bags  $11.99

Black Tea Bags
Endorsed by Oprah and Rachel Ray
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Wuyi Oprah & Rachael Ray

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"A day without tea is a day without joy." - Chinese proverb

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