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Organic Blooming & Flowering Teas
Use 1 Blossom 3-4 Times
Blooming & Flowering Tea Display

4 Ozs. is About 23 Blooming Teas

Blooming & Flowering Tea Display
Display Teas, also known as Blooming Teas or Flowering Teas. These teas are made with top-quality buds hand-tied into a multitude of shapes, including peaches, seashells, hearts, pagodas, mushrooms, and even Chinese goddesses.

During steeping, Display teas blossom to reveal the long leaves they are made of and sometimes the delicate flowers hidden inside. For fullest enjoyment, we recommend preparing Display teas in a glass vessel and taking the time to watch them gradually unfurl and open up.

We have organic Display teas with flowers available in white and green tea and display teas with flowers enclosed in white, green and black tea. Currently we are only featuring the top-of-the-line organic blooming teas.

Why Organic?

Toxic chemicals are bypassed, freeing soil from exposure to harmful herbicides and pesticides. Workers instead rely on substances such as compost, natural organic matter, and plants to provide the necessary ground cover and nutrients. Weeds and insects are controlled with traditional techniques such as crop rotation, mulching, and the encouragement of “beneficials” – such as extra, pest-controlling spiders. Organic soil also has far more earthworms and soil microbes.

Studies show that healthy, live soil at an organic tea garden returns far higher crop yields per unit of energy and fertilizer expended than conventional farming methods. Diversity is healthy.

Blooming & Flowering Teas
Organic Tender Heart - Shaped like a heart when dry, this organic white display tea blooms in the cup with gentle, mellow flavor.

Organic Flower Fountain - With pink globe amaranth flower and delicate flavor.

Organic White Velvet - This organic white blooming display tea has velvety, sweet, smooth flavor.

Organic Flowering Peach - Organic green tea hand tied in a peach shape with a globe amaranth flower inside.


1. Heat water in separate tea kettle until just starting to bubble.
2. Place one Tea Bloom into Glass (see through) Tea Pot.
3. Add hot water.
4. Let steep for 3-5 minutes, pour into cups and refill with hot water ...over and over.

These Flowering Teas are Great for Special Occasions, Parties, Displays & Gifts

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 4 Ozs.
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Organic Tender Heart Flowering Tea  $29.95
Organic Flower Fountain Blooming Tea  $29.95
Organic White Velvet Blooming Tea  $29.95
Organic Flowering Peach Tea  $29.95

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