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4 Piece Japanese Tea Ceremony Set
With 1.4 oz. (40 grams) Sealed Packet of Matcha

Matcha Green Tea Powder Japanese Tea Set Matcha Bag

Here's What You Get with this Fantastic Bargain:

Bamboo Whisk
Hand Crafted Japanese Green Tea Whisk - Bamboo tea whisks are a traditional utensil used for the japanese tea ceremony for blending powdered green tea and giving it that frothy texture. Intricately hand crafted with bamboo, our high quality japanese green tea whisk and packaged in a convenient bamboo container. Also makes a great gift for japanese tea ceremony enthusiasts!

Bamboo Spoon
Chashaku Bamboo Spoon - This is a must for the true Japanese Matcha tea ceremony and to scoop the small quantity of Matcha green tea powder necessary to make a small frothy cup of Matcha tea. Both the spoon and whisk are conveneiently stored in the bamboo case.
Japanese Tea Set

This beautiful Patterned Chawan Bowl is used to actually make and froth the Matcha green tea in. This is a nicely designed glazed stoneware bowl measuring 5"W X 3"D.

The bamboo utensils fit are extremely light which may be easily carried along with the Matcha in a purse or brief case.


Tea Bag Matcha Green Tea Powder
The Japanese tea ceremony (Sado) is a ritual way of preparing and drinking tea. The custom has been strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism.

Nowadays, the Japanese tea ceremony is a relatively popular kind of hobby. Many Japanese who are interested in their own culture, take tea ceremony lessons with a teacher. Tea ceremonies are held in traditional Japanese rooms in cultural community centers or private houses.

The Japanese ceremony itself consists of many rituals that have to be learned by heart. Almost each hand movement is prescribed. Basically, the tea is first prepared by the host, and then drunken by the guests. The tea is high grade Japanese green tea leaves finely milled into fine Matcha powder.

The following are instructions on performing your own Japanese tea ceremony:

* Step 1: Pour warm water into the bowl.
* Step 2: Empty the bowl of the warm water and add in 2 scoops of matcha powder with the wooden scoop.
* Step 3: Add warm water into the bowl.
* Step 4: Using the whisk, briskly whisk the matcha powder and the water together until the tea becomes lightly frothy.
* Step 5: Remove the whisk and hold the bowl with both hands. Turn the bowl counter-clock wise twice and serve to guest.

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"A day without tea is a day without joy." - Chinese proverb

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