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Bulk & Wholesale Tea

Island Teas Wholesale Tea Plantation
If you are looking for wholesale packaged tea or bulk tea for your restaurant, online business or for private label, Island Teas is your source.

All of our loose teas are available in bulk packages and we also do custom blending to meet your flavored or herbal tea needs.

Our online sales inventory includes fine teas like Chinese green tea powder, Japanese Matcha powder, loose leaf green tea, English Teas, herbal teas, chai, white tea, silver needle tea, Oolong, natural flavored teas, loose leaf tea, decaf, organic, extracts, concentrates and much more. If we don't have it, we can get it or make it to meet any of your wholesale tea requirements.

Below is a partial list of wholesale bulk teas and prices. We have hundreds of teas, herbs and powders. We only wholesale to the USA. For more informarion use the contact link on the top right of our website.

Bulk Tea Description
Mix 2 lbs. of any one tea with 15 lb. orders
5 lb. Bulk Price15 lb. Bulk Price
Assam - KHOOMTAIE ESATE GFBOP - Bolder leaf with some golden tips. Steeps a full body cup with lots of flavor. Excellent with milk. $9.00 /lb.$8.20 /lb.
Black Teas - We have a worldwide selection of black tea, from the basic to the rarest. CallCall
Ceylon - BEVERLY ESTATE OP - RATNAPURA DISTRICT - Excellent long wiry leaf style at a moderate price. $11.00 /lb.$9.50 /lb.
Chai - MASALA CHAI TEA - A wonderful, rich, flavorful chai. Best served with milk and sweetener. One of our most popular teas. Black tea with ginger root, cinnamon, and green cardamom with cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla flavor. Great for Cappuccinos too! We have an extensive list of Chai teas wholesale. $14.00 /lb.$13.00 /lb.
Chinese Teas - We carry an vast variety of Chinese green, black and white teas. CallCall
Darjeeling - GOPALDHARA ESTATE - TGBOP - Good broken leaf Darjeeling with a wonderful aroma. $11.00 /lb.$9.50 /lb.
Darjeeling - Godpaldhara/Avongrove/Nagri - The rarest silver tip Darjeeling with a light wonderful aroma and taste. The don perion champaign of Darjeeling! Limited Supply $130.00 /lb. Limited
Decaffeinated Teas - These various teas our made with the CO2 decaf process using highly pressurized natural carbon dioxide rather than harsh chemicals. CallCall
Earl Grey - This calming tea is a rich blend of black teas with bergmot and a wonderful citris aroma. $13.50 /lb.$12.50 /lb.
English Breakfast - An Exotic Blend of Ceylon, Indian Assam and Chinese Black Teas. $9.00 /lb.$8.25 /lb.
Flavored Tea - We can make almost any natural flavored tea or blend on a custom order basis. CallCall
FORMOSA LONG JING/GREEN NEEDLES - Spider leg green. Extra thin and long leaf style. $48.00 /lb.$44.00 /lb.
Frappuccino Latte & Smoothie Mix - Sweet - Instant Matcha green tea powder with sugar. Makes Frappe', Lattes' and Smoothies. $12.40 /lb.Order
Frappuccino Latte & Smoothie Mix - Sugar Free Sweet - Instant Matcha green tea powder. Same as above, but with natural pharmaceautical grade Xylitol. Safe for Hypoglycemia, Diabetics & Weight Loss. $17.40 /lb.Order
Green Teas - We have a worldwide selection of green tea, from the basic to the rarest. CallCall
Green Tea Extract - Our green tea extract is sold in bulk bags at a minimum of 10 pounds. It is a spray dried extract. It is 100% tea; there are no colors, carriers or fillers used in its manufacture and has a potency of 4:1.   ----------- $13.00 /lb.
Gunpowder Green Tea - TEMPLE OF HEAVEN GUNPOWDER - Tightly rolled even leaf style. Strong cup character. Capable of Multiple infusions. $12.50 /lb.$11.50 /lb.
Herbal Tea - We can custom blend almost any tea to order and specifications. CallCall
Japanese Teas - We carry an excellent variety of Japanese green teas like - Sencha, Ocha, Genmaicha, Roasted Houjicha, Gyrokura, Bancha, Matcha and Kokaicha. CallCall
Jasmine Pearl Tea - Finest Grade FINEST JASMINE PEARLS - A superb hand rolled Jasmine and white tea at a moderate price. $47.00$42.00
Kenya Black Tea - MILIMA ESTATE GFOP - Stylish leaf with some golden tips. Full body and rich aroma. $20.0019.00
Lapsang Souchong - A China specialty from Fujian province with smokey aroma. Fine black tea is smoked over wood logs. $11.50 /lb.$9.70 /lb.
Latte & Smoothie Mix - Buy delicious, healthy, easy-to-make and popular ready made instant Matcha green tea latte & smoothie mixes with sugar or sugar free. $9.00 /lb.$8.33 /lb.
Long-Jing Lung-Ching Organic - (DRAGON WELL) - from Zhejiang Province- Classic, long flat longjing leaf style. This tea has both an astringent and sweet note that fill your mouth with flavor. Dragon Well tea is refreshing and among the very best of Chinese greens. $37.50 /lb.$34.00 /lb.
Lu Mudan or Green Mudan Rosettes - This high grade green tea is tied like rosettes and are a true showpiece when infused in the clear cup or tea pot. $73.00 /lb.$66.00 /lb.
Mangosteen Tea - Extremely healthy, disease fighting blend of all natural dried Mangosteen, fruits and Rooibos tea - delicious - relaxing - caffeine and sugar free. $12.00 /Lb.$11.00 /Lb.
Wholesale Matcha - Culinary Grade Finely milled melow green tea powder used and fine healthy recipes or beverages. Mixes well. $119.90 /kg.$200.00 2kg.
Wholesale Ceremony Matcha - Organic - Ceremony Grade 1 High pure quality finely milled emerald green tea powder used for tea ceremonies and healthy top-of-the-line recipes. Mixes extremely well. $249.00 /kg.$400.00 2kg.
Matcha Wholesale Organic - Superior Grade Ceremony Highest finely milled rich organic green tea powder - Our best quality organic Matcha. $299.90 /kg.$499.00 2kg.
Nepal Organic Black Tea - GURANSE ESTATE ORGANIC FTGFOP-1 - One of the finest organic estates of Nepal. Excellent bouquet and taste. Teas from Nepal are like Darjeeling and have similar cup characters. $28.50 /lb.$25.00 /lb.
Nilgiri Black Tea - (Blue Mountain) CORSLEY ESTATE -TGFOP - One of Nilgiri's popular estates. Sweet taste and rich aroma. An all-day tea. $12.50 /lb.$11.50 /lb.
Oolong Tea - FUJIAN OOLONG - A basic toasty oolong with an open leaf with some stems. Also see our entire list of bulk oolong teas. $11.00 /lb.$10.00 /lb.
Oolong Tea - MONKEY PICKED OOLONG SUPREME - Top of the line! Lightly oxidized with amazing floral aroma. Exquisite all around. $89.50 /lb.$80.00 /lb.
Oolong Tea - TI-KWAN-YIN OOLONG #1 - The finest of the traditional Ti Kwan Yins. Complex taste and rich aroma. $36.50 /lb.$33.00 /lb.
Oolong Formosa Bai Hao White Tip - This oriental beauty is one of the finest of the white-tipped oolongs. Peach aroma and wonderful sweet taste. 79.0070.00
Oolong Wuyi Wulong - Standard grade Wuyi Mountain Grown Loose Leaf tea from the Fujian Province, China. Endorse by Oprah and Racheal Ray. Minimum Required 23.00 /lb.
Oolong Wuyi Wulong (Teabag Cut) - Smaller cut of Wuyi Mountain Grown tea leaves for use in tea bags. Minimum Required Call
Wholesale Oolong Wuyi Wulong (Tea Bags) - Wholesale Wuyi Tea Bags in bulk for private labeling. Minimum Required Call
Wholesale Organic Wuyi Wulong Oolong Tea - Certified organic loose leaf from the Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China. Endorse by Oprah and Racheal Ray. 30.00 /lb. 28.00 /lb.
Organic Teas - Each is Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI), an independent service organization developed specifically for the purpose of certifying the authenticity of produce which is organically grown. Cultivated with a zealous adherence to organic regulations, these teas and herbs are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides, using only sustainable agricultural methods. CallCall
Organic Flavored Teas w/ Natural Fruit Pieces - These are black flavored teas - pure, natural and delicious with fruits and spices. 17.50 /lb.16.00 /lb.
Pu Erh Tuo Cha - Bowl shaped compressed and individually wrapped. Each tea cake can make an entire pot of tea and a 1 lb. bag has about 100 cakes. These come as Yunnan plain black tea and rose, ginseng flower, chrysenthamum or Jasmine. 17.50 /lb.16.00 /lb.
Rooibos - Organic - South African organic "Red Bush" fine cut tea has no caffeine, calming, delicious and loaded with antioxidants. Also see our entire list of bulk Rooibos teas. $11.00 /lb.$10.00 /lb.
Buy Rooibos Red Powder Extract Wholesale - Powdered red tea base to make ice or hot red tea, lattes and smoothies mixes. $110.00 /lb.$100.00 /lb.
Sencha (Fancy) - The finest and most popular of Japanese teas. A clean refreshing tea. Sweet flavor and wonderful aroma. $29.00 /lb.$27.00 /lb.
Sencha (Organic) - The finest and most popular of Japanese teas. Sencha has a super-fresh, grassy and slightly sweet flavor and aroma. $49.90 /lb.$44.00 /lb.
Silver Needle Jasmine Tea, King Of (New) - Exquisite silver needle white tea rolled with Jasmine buds. The jasmine flavor is like a high tinkling bell above a soft bed of delicate white tea. Supremely elegant. $88.00 /lb.$79.90 /lb.
Tea Bags Wholesale or Bulk - Buy a large variety of tea bags like, black, green, or flavored teabags. Varies1000 Min.
Tea Ware - We sell a wonderful Matcha green tea ceremony tea set by the dozen with free shipping. Matcha sold seperately. $22.00 /ea.12 Min.
White Pearl Tea - Equisite Soft White - This is a similiar tea to our regular Baihao Yinzhen, but the presentation in pearl form is truely a hand rolled winner. Serve 6 or 8 pearls in a clear glass and watch them unfurl. Can be used three times with good flavor. $60.00 /lb.$55.00 /lb.
White Tea - A Fujian Pai Mu Tan white tea with leaf and buds. Mellow and sweet. $21.00 /lb.$20.00 /lb.
Wuyi Instant Diet Blast Wholesale - Our Special Instant Wuyi Plus Green Tea Instant Diet Blast is diabetic safe made with pharmaceutical grade Xylitol and blended with healthy Matcha green tea powder. Minimum Required Call
Yerba Mate - Organic - The finest quality cut & sifted pure leaves - no stems or twiggs. $21.00 /lb.$20.00 /lb.
YIN-ZHEN - SILVER NEEDLES SUPREME - The finest exquisite white needle shaped tea buds - silver in color. Sweet and fragrant. VariesVaries

Contact our customer service tea experts and give them the opportunity to talk with you about designing your tea list or supplying your bulk wholesale needs. Email us and include your phone number.

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